November 22

Edublogs Week 5: Gudetama The Lazy Egg

Ever since I went to Japan this past summer, I’ve been in love with this character named Gudetama. Gudetama is an egg yolk. Literally. He’s known as the “Lazy Egg” because he does nothing but sleeps all day.


From: Sanrio


Here is the Original Link

Gudetama has become quite popular. I have actually bought a few Gudetama merchandise in the past 4 months or so. Here is my favorite:


Photo by: Me

Sanrio has also made some short videos of Gudetama, and it’s entertaining to watch. Here is one of them:

“Everything you say and do… it all sparkles so brightly. It’s too blinding for me, and I end up closing my eyes. But I can’t help aspiring to be like you.” –Arima Kousei Your Lie in April (episode 5)


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