April 6

SBC Challenge Week 4: Games for the good!

For this week, we are concentrating on Global issues. These issues consist of world hunger, global warming, war, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, etc.

I decided to do Activity 5 which you go onto different websites and learn about global issues.

First website: Free Rice

This website lets you answer questions from all different subjects (math, English, humanities, science, etc.) and each one you get correct lets you donate ten grains of rice to those in need.

Second Website: Kids Go Global

This website lets you explore and learn about the different global issues around the world. The website gives you information and activities to do that can let you know more about animal rights, resources, hunger, and more.


(I forgot to put quotes for the week one and week two challenges, so this time I will put three.)

“Forever is a long time, but I wouldn’t have minded spending it by your side.
—  Kaori

“You can delete photos.. but how do you delete memories?” -Kousei

“Stars only shine when they’re set against the night.” – Kaori
^^ All quotes are from Your Lie In April. 


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