April 25

SBC Challenge Week 5

Activity 2: Encouraging family members to leave comments

My parents don’t have an account to leave comments on my blog, and they said that they are too busy to. I asked if I could show them my posts from my computer instead for them to give me suggestions and they agreed to do so :P.

Activity 3: How can you increase the number of comments on your blog?

I can increase the number of comments by posting a few times a week on fun subjects such as random stories, recommended movies, or even how my weekend went. One of my post that got many comments was about a Sanrio character called Gudetama, an egg yolk (<—-I’m not joking)


    Via Bing Free to share and use images https://eyeondesign.aiga.org/marketing-melancholy-sanrios-newest-character-is-a-sad-egg/

Activity 7: Add a widget to find out where your commenters are coming from

I  added the widget called Clustrmaps a while ago. It’s a map of the world that tells you how many users visited your blog and where they came from.

Activity 8: Add one or more widgets about your area of the world

I just added a widget called Google Translate, located on near the bottom right side of my blog. You can choose any language for the blog to be translated to, just in case someone from another country wants to read my posts in another language.


Visit the original site for the picture by clicking HERE.

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